Anne Washburn’s 10 Out of 12 at Soho Rep

Jeff played one of the tech’s in Anne Washburn’s beautiful play 10 Out of 12. It was performed at Soho Rep and directed by the amazing Les Waters. (5/26/15-7/18/15)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tech. Around you, a company of 14 is engaged in the very peculiar””and peculiarly impossible””task of making a new play. You”™ll have a seat next to the sound designer as he mixes cues. You”™ll eavesdrop on backstage gossip as it happens over headset. You”™ll watch the director struggle to contain the uncontainable.
Anne Washburn (Mr. Burns) took notes during her tech rehearsals over the years. Directed by Les Waters, 10 out of 12 is a wry and absorbing look at how work forms us and deforms us.

“Washburn cracks the door on a world that shouldn”™t be so alien”“a play rehearsal”“and reveals abundant wonder, whimsy, even horror”¦incredible attention to detail and tone”¦all at once a familiar haunt and a devilish maze. Critics”™ Pick.”Â “” Time Out New York

“exceptionally funny and moving”¦Indeed, the entire cast, under the jaw-droppingly fine direction of Les Waters, is dead-on. “Â “” New York Magazine

“a strange and ecstatic vision”¦a wholly original love song to the maddening art of the theater”Â “” The New York Times

“terribly funny”¦the actors are a particular joy to watch”Â “” Variety

“a bold new play”¦Washburn and Waters truly nail the small details”Â “” Entertainment Weekly

Featuring: Quincy Tyler Bernstine, Jeff Biehl, Gibson Frazier, Rebecca Hart, Nina Hellman, Sue Jean Kim, Bruce McKenzie, Garrett Neergaard, Bray Poor, David Ross, Thomas Jay Ryan, Conrad Schott, Wendy Rich Stetson and Leigh Wade.

Set Design by David Zinn, Lighting Design by Justin Townsend, Sound Design by Bray Poor, Costume Design by Ásta Bennie Hostetter, Props by George Hoffmann & Greg Kozatek; Production Stage Manager: Amanda Spooner, Production Manger: Jeff Drucker, Company Manager: Sizo Kunene, Casting: Jack Doulin, C.S.A. Illustration: Riki Blanco.