Jeff worked with Michael Keaton on a short “walk and talk” scene in the Netflix film Worth, directed by Sara Colangelo. (4/12/2019)

“The Bump”

Jeff starred in the very funny short film “The Bump.” Written by, and also starring, Diane Davis, and directed by Michael Izquierdo. Watch “The Bump” Free on Amazon Prime! It was shown at many festivals, including: The Santa Fe Film Festival, The New York Short Film Festival, and The DUMBO Film Festival.

Jonathan Demme Films “A Master Builder”

A MASTER BUILDER director Jonathan Demme. Photo by Bob Vergara.

“A Master Builder“ -Academy Award winning director Jonathan Demme (Rachel Getting Married, Silence of the Lambs) directed Jeff in the film of Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn’s THE MASTER BUILDER. Jeff plays Ragnar Brovik, the young architect. Here’s a great link to a very nice article about it in The New York Times. The cast includes: Andrew… Continue reading Jonathan Demme Films “A Master Builder”