Catch As Catch Can – Page 73

Off-Broadway World premiere of Catch As Catch Can by Mia Chung for Page 73, directed by Ken Rus Schmoll. October 22″“November 17, 2018.

The Phelans and the Lavecchias grew up together in working class New England, weathering good times and bad. But Tim Phelan”™s homecoming this winter sets off a spiraling crisis that strains their hold on each other””and themselves. In Mia Chung”™s Catch as Catch Can, six characters are brought to life by three actors playing across gender and generation, capturing father/daughter and mother/son in a family drama that doubles as a theatrical tour de force.

Mr. Biehl, Mr. Esper, Ms. Serralles: Individually, these names brighten a cast list. To have them onstage together is a kindness and a gift. Under Ken Rus Schmoll”™s direction, typically cool and precise, they differentiate their roles but also twin them, showing how parents are echoed in their children.” - NY Times,  Alexis Soloski

“★★★★★”- five stars!
Catch as Catch Can is what Off Broadway theater can be at its best. Don”™t miss it. —- Page 73″™s production of Mia Chung”™s Catch as Catch Can is so smoothly virtuosic that it takes a while to realize how good it really is. The play depicts six members of two closely intertwined working-class families in New England, and three of New York”™s most indispensable actors””Jeff Biehl, Michael Esper and Jeanine Serralles…“- TimeOut NY, Adam Feldman (read the full, fantastic review here.)

Three of the most daring performances in New York are currently taking place at the New Ohio Theatre. That’s where Jeff Biehl, Michael Esper, and Jeanine Serralles are currently starring in Mia Chung’s Catch as Catch Can, now receiving its world premiere from Page 73.” - Theatermania – Zachary Stewart

Jeff Biehl, Michael Esper, Jeanine Serralles

Creative Team
Mia Chung (writer), Ken Rus Schmoll (director), Arnulfo Maldonado (Set/Costume Design), Jiyoun Chang (Lighting Design), Brendan Aanes (Sound Design), Samantha Shoffner (Prop Design), Megan Schwarz Dickert (Prod. Stage Manager)