Wellesley Girl at Humana Festival

World Premiere of Brendan Pelsue’s WELLESLEY GIRL for the Humana Festival of new plays at Actors Theater of Louisville. Directed by Lee Sunday Evans.

It”™s 2465. American politics haven”™t changed much. Except that “America” is now only a handful of New England towns in a walled-in citadel. When an unidentified army encamps at the border, Congress struggles to move beyond personal agendas and petty bickering over procedure to decide the nation”™s fate. With canny humor and wicked intelligence, Wellesley Girl exposes an unsettling truth: sometimes all you can do is flip a coin and hope that history proves you right.


“a bleakly funny fantasy about a post-apocalyptic society that (eek!) doesn’t seem much more disorderly than the current America.”Charles Isherwood, NY Times



Cast: Pun Bandhu, Jeff Biehl, Lynda Gravatt, Rachel Leslie, Kelly McAndrew, Barney O’Hanlon, Phillip Taratula.

Playwright: Brendan Pelsue, Director: Lee Sunday Evans, Scenic Designer: Annie Smart, Costume Designer: Kristopher Castle, Lighting Designer: Matthew Frey, Sound Designer: Bray Poor, Production Stage Manager: Stephen Horton, Dramaturg: Jenni Page-White