Civilization (All You Can Eat)

Clubbed Thumb Summerworks 2011 production of Jason Grote’s play, CIVILIZATION (ALL YOU CAN EAT), directed by Seth Bockley. (6/19/11-6/25/11)

Jeff Biehl
Reyna de Courcy
Elizabeth Rich
Melissa Miller
Andres Munar
Melle Powers
Tony Torn

set design by Laura Jellinek,
costume design by Jessica Pabst,
lighting design by Raquel Davis,
sound design by Shane Rettig,
and choreography by Dan Safer.

“…one of the sharper and more incisive new plays I”™ve seen this season… Jeff Biehl and Melle Powers are especially strong as an interracial couple of intellectuals bewildered by their new lives as freelancers.”
– Village Voice