Ken Urban’s The Awake

Production of Ken Urban’s THE AWAKE at 59 E 59. This Sold Out,  NY Times critic pick, was directed by Adam Fitzgerald for KEF Theatrical Productions. (8/22/13-9/8/13)

“The production captures exquisitely the shifting logic of dreams, where people appear and melt away and metamorphose, and where minds connive to translate contemporary anxieties into primal fears of fire, flood and bloodthirsty beasts. But there are no computer-generated special effects in this live-theater production to permit such shape-shifting; the sense of disorientation instead comes from the poetry of Mr. Urban”™s words and Adam Fitzgerald”™s skillful direction.”
– Catharine Rampell, NY Times

Jeff Biehl
Jocelyn Kuritsky
Miranda Jackel
Dee Nelson
Maulik Pancholy
Andy Phelan
Lori Prince

Scenic Design – David L. Arsenault
Lighting Design – Travis McHale
Sound Design – Christian Frederickson
Costume Design – Lisa Zinni
Projection Design – Brad Peterson
Stage Manager – Jessa Nicole Pollack